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Boost your alumni engagement, foster a sense of belonging and facilitate fundraising. Download our case study to discover how Hivebrite empowered Notre Dame to do just that.

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Cultivate your community of young alumni by fostering engagement with Hivebrite

Alumni are potential recruiters and donors. Hivebrite helps great institutions effectively manage their alumni community. Communications, events, fundraising, and a lot more. All in one place.

Boost your alumni placement statistics

Make it easier for your graduates to find a job whether it comes from you or your alumni network. With Hivebrite, you can post jobs, add external job feeds, and even let fellow alumni post job opportunities. Alumni can easily map their network and contact each other directly, dramatically increasing their access to job opportunities.

Foster a sense of belonging and communication

Your alumni automatically get sent relevant updates from the community about the latest opportunities, news, and events. Your database stays up-to-date thanks to social-media integrations and one-click access to updating one’s profile. And your alumni can control what information they choose to keep private to admins, and what information they share with others.

Facilitate fundraising and encourage donations

A great platform providing real value for your alumni means higher engagement and satisfaction with your alumni. As active membership increases, so does alumni attendance to your events. And increases in your base of satisfied alumni translates into increases your sources of funding through membership renewals, fundraising campaigns, and donations.

Get real-time analytics about your alumni community

Always keep an eye on your community engagement with detailed real-time analytics about published content, profile completion, and demographics. Generate detailed and targeted reports to get precise information about your alumni based upon criteria important to you.

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